Stan Minasian

Stan Minasian founded EarthVIews Productions nearly two decades ago as the film production unit of the non-profit Animal Fund, which he founded in 1972. His films on animal and nature issues have been broadcast on Discovery Channel, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Public Broadcasting Systems, Westinghouse Broadcasting Systems, Animal Planet, and internationally. His film Where Have All the Dolphins Gone?, hosted by George C. Scott, and broadcast primetime on Discovery Channel, was instrumental in all three U.S. tuna canneries only accepting tuna not caught by encircling dolphins.

EarthViews Productions

Since 1988, EarthViews Productions, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has been dedicated to producing high-quality television productions, campaign videos, home videos, and more, on issues that affect animals, both wild and domestic, and nature. Our productions are geared solely toward public education and motivation. Our films have won Emmy Awards, Genesis Awards, and Best-of-Show awards in domestic and international wildlife film festivals.

We have produced films for or in conjunction with Earth Island Institute, Sea Turtle Restoration Project, Marine Mammal Fund, World Society for the Protection of Animals, National Wildlife Federation, Environmental Defense Fund, Snow Leopard Trust, American Eagle Foundation, Bat Conservation International, Hawaii Wildlife Trust, Friends of Animals, Fund for Animals, Oceanic Society, World Parrot Trust, Whale Rescue Team, Humane Society of the United States, WildAid, San Francisco SPCA, American SPCA, Westinghouse Broadcasting Systems, Smithsonian Institution, ABC Kane, Turner Broadcasting Systems and Discovery Channel, and international broadcasters.